Southern Queensland Country – Tourism Campaign

Client – Southern Queensland Country Tourism

Director and Videographer – Lachlan Gardiner

Production Assistant – Louise Wright

Talent – Stef Palmer and Kai Pantano

Post Production – Alex Ball from Wild Raspberry

Filmed on location in the Southern Downs and Granite Belt Region – October 2019

Film Reel of Adventure and Travel video projects – Mid 2019

Commercial Campaign for Osprey Packs Australia 

Client – Osprey Packs Australia

Co-Directed and filmed alongside with Nathan McNeil from Set in Stone Media

Post Production – Nathan McNeil, Set in Stone Media

Filmed on location in the Warrumbungles National Park in NSW and Brisbane City – September 2018

World Expeditions – Nepal Exploratory Trekking

Client – World Expeditons

Director, videographer and Editer – Lachlan Gardiner

Filmed on location in North-West Nepal – May 2019